Mollificio R.M.I.’s plant inventory includes special automatic and NC machinery that enables constant monitoring of product throughout the production process (tolerance control).

• n° 2 Simplex coiling machines at high speed (Gx5)
• n° 25 Simplex CNC coiling machines
• n° 2 Simplex (A1S) mechanical coiling machines
• n° 1 Bobbio
• n° 7 Taiwan CNC coiling machines
• n° 17 Simplex screw machines
• n° 1 Simplex screw machines semiautomatic

The company is also equipped with three automatic stabilizing heat treatment furnaces.

Continual technical developments in the sector and increasingly reliable machinery mean that all parts can now be constantly controlled and measured during the manufacturing process, guaranteeing Total Quality.

Final product approval follows on from dimensional (coil diameter and length) and load measurements carried out on a special automatic spring test machine (PMA), with printing out if required of statistical control charts guaranteeing compliance and quality.