Though our products may appear to be very simple, they actually conceal a highly complex, and above-all precise technological process, considering that 80% of a seal’s performance results from the efficiency of the coil spring. Product quality – monitored throughout the production process by statistical control – starts out with the sourcing of raw materials, and it is no accident that our suppliers are world-leading producers of music wire with whom we have developed a progressive joint growth system designed to refine all the processes meticulously through the Deming PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycle.

Years of DOE experience and development have led Mollificio RMI to use the following steels as the most appropriate for sealing system applications:

• EN 10270-1 standard carbon steel (SM – SH – DH grades)
• EN 10270-3 standard austenitic stainless steel (grades such as 1.4310)
• EN 10088 standard biphasic stainless steel (grades such as 1.4462).

The development of the production process, which is also supported by internal DOE, is completed by the making of targeted samples through to the completion of the design validation for the submission of PPAP for process validation.

Our aim is to maintain international leadership in the field, and the many requests from customers for developments in the application of cold-drawn steels have led the company to avail itself of the UNSIDER database containing around 20 thousand correlatable steels (UNSIDER is the Italian iron and steel standardization body affiliated to the national standards body, UNI).

This has allowed us to develop significant algorithms, and at the same time to benefit from the know-how of experts in order to reduce project development times and costs.

This information means that the company is able to both assess a customer’s production needs and advise on defining the end product application requirements.

The range of springs we produce is very wide:
spring lengths from 17 mm upwards
coil diameters from 1 to 4 mm
wire diameters from 0.20 to 0.65

The uncompromising quality of the products is vouched for by test reports, declarations of conformity and certifications of the materials used.